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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a planned advancement towards an organized implementation for accomplishing high rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing.

If you want to expand your online business and organic rankings, SEO services are a must! Nowadays, it is important for all big and small online businesses to make use of internet marketing and SEO service as a vital part of their business strategy. Seo KingWIN SEO has a widespread approach to search engine marketing (SEM) which helps you characterize, develop and implement powerful, best priced and unbeaten SEO & PPC strategies to empower your online business prospective.

Getting the search engine spiders to crawl your website isn’t that difficult to accomplish, but it is very important to optimize your site so you get the most from the searches that take place. Some people are good at pulling people in, but very poor at giving them something that they will deem worth their while once they get there.
Accomplishing the most from the spider visits is all about developing “on page SEO.” You want your information to be clear and easy for the spiders to follow so you will get the most exposure (and benefits as) possible. Keeping your site focused on the key elements you are promoting is how you attract search engine traffic effectively using on page SEO.
The prime ingredients you must work on to make search engine spiders completely crawl your site are:
1. Keyword Optimization – Keyword phrases are what bring the search engines to your site to begin with. If your page doesn’t have content to support the keyword phrase, the spiders will leave and you’ll gain little, if any, benefit from their visit. This is true of all search engines, not just Google.

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Your primary keyword should appear in the page description, page title, subheadings, body of each page, and other places that make sense. You can’t stuff the keyword so that your documents are unreadable, and search engines don’t like keyword “stuffing.”
You should have the primary keyword in the reading sections of your site at about a 1% level. A little higher is okay, but do not wear it out. You should use other related keywords to compliment the main one; if the writing of the article is done properly, these naturally fall into place.
2. Do Not Plagiarize – Search engines are very sophisticated and will find duplicate content almost instantly. Use your own material or hire someone else to write it for you, but do not use other work you cut and paste; also, credit research sources as applicable. On page SEO begins with unique work that is good enough to hold visitors and search engine spiders once they arrive.
3. Use Industry Standards for Pages – Google spiders expect to see certain pages on your website. You should always have a page that gives your standard terms of service, one that explains your privacy policy, and an “About Page” that will let visitors know about the site’s owner/business/intent.
4. Use Available Media – Don’t expect to create everything yourself when there is a wealth of information available out there. On page SEO benefits from links to other websites that may have applicable videos or in depth information. These other locations that benefit from your traffic should do likewise for you if you arrange it beforehand.
Use all the on page SEO tools available to make your website attractive to human visitors AND the search engines. It is the effective strategic way to run your business with success as your end goal.
Most people don’t understand the benefits of local SEO and are too focused on short tail keywords (smaller keywords and higher traffic) that they don’t consider the majority of their traffic can come from local visitors. There are several factors to take into consideration when trying to locate your local target market such as;
Population – Is there enough people within a specific area to justify the effort of Search Engine Optimisation?
Competition – Has a brand been developed within this area? If so, are they established well enough to be a market leader or is there a gap for your services?
Community – Is there a community website you can partner with in order to establish a relationship which is mutually beneficial to the Webmaster and your company? (Affiliate marketing)
If you can consider the above points then you can begin to market your brand or services to a local audience. You can research local SEO very easily; you can do so using Google Maps and local knowledge. Pick 5 areas around where you trade and focus on these, one of the main benefits to local SEO is the competition is not that fierce if you avoid larger populated areas or counties (such as London). Keyword research tools should only be used as an indicator, if the competition is low and the search volume is relatively high for that area, try running a ppc campaign to see how many impressions / clicks your advert gets. If you are new to Pay Per Click most vendors will give you trial credit when starting up.
Use online tools such as Market Samurai and Google AdWords keyword tool to see search volumes for local searches (try to avoid broad matches). The keyword structure usually revolves around {Service}{Area} e.g. SEO Newcastle. Once you have established a list of keywords try searching them on Google and see what results are returned. You may see Google has chosen that particular keyword to trigger local map listings i.e. Google Places Listings. It is always beneficial to create a Google Places page, as this is predominately targeted at local search and a well-optimised Places account will provide enough traffic to justify the time spent in creating one.
Local SEO takes less time and effort to dominate so you should use this as a short term fix for traffic. Optimising your website for local SEO can very quickly out weigh the benefits of ranking for a short tail keyword for instance, 5 local search volumes could outweigh 1 short tail keyword and the time dedication, financial investment and tweaks are naturally lower.
When generating traffic from local search you are targeting visitors where larger organisations are trying to be, within a community. Any community naturally has influential people and a recommendation within this market would be more valuable than pushing your product online.
When someone claims expertise in search engine optimization, and states categorically that something is an acknowledged fact by other experts, without any reference to statistical testing you are left with a few options.
Just believe them and stop doing what you have been doing up until now and subscribe to their competing philosophies of kumbaya blogging.Carry on doing what umpteen experts have told you works for them, has worked for them for years, and most likely will continue to work until some monumental change in Google’s algorithmGo on the offensive, call it out as SEO bullshit, and see if they can come up with proofCreate a public test case to prove them wrongOption 1 is for sheep Option 2 has merit – just go about your business and feel happy that they are fleecing 1000s of people with their brand of cool-aid and enhancing your competitive advantage. Option 3 is fun, maybe even good for short term linkbait, but doesn’t really squash the other person’s “opinion” without factual evidence. Option 4 is the smart option
So we are today testing anchor text and whether it is passed as a ranking factor from an article directory to a destination page.
This isn’t a statistical test, and in many ways is a little flawed
The anchor text we are going to use is unique to the internet – if phrases are unique to the internet, Google might be more inclined to count the anchor text.The article might end up syndicated to other sites so it doesn’t prove that the link from the article directory counted. However as the argument resolved around it being pointless to use article marketing for SEO, if an article is further syndicated then that is a benefit of article marketing.This is just one test that could easily be compromised by a 3rd party whereas it would be normal.I am not going to use article spinning to try to make each article submission unique, and I am not going to isolate this to just a single article directory as it wouldn’t be fair to subject them to such scrutiny in public… I am sure there are some article directories which don’t pass ranking factors from their pages due to paid links.
This is also subject to the whims of article directory moderators. It is a clear attempt to highlight part of their benefit that is frequently underplayed. “Pure” article marketing authors aren’t writing articles just for SEO purposes. They love writing, it is their passion, they earn a living from writing no SEO, or write for widespread exposure of their ideas or talent.There are also many article directories which use the microformat rel=”nofollow” within their anchor links. This is even something I have recommended if article directory owners don’t trust their authors, or don’t have time to continually monitor existing links for changes in reputation. If your site links to 100K+ other websites, monitoring them on a continual basis for malware isn’t a trivial task, even though there are technological solutions.
SEO auditing is one of the internet based marketing tools that are not only free, but a necessary marketing tool that will separate your online business from its competitors.
The definition of SEO is the method used to boost the ranking or frequency of a Web site in results returned by a search engine, in an effort to maximize user traffic to the site.
The definition of Audit is a thorough check or examination to inspect, correct, and certify.
When we put those terms together, especially when discussing online marketing and strength of relevancy, the definition changes to become the following: SEO Auditing is the ability of online users to alter and strengthen their online relevancy to maximize qualified user traffic.
In order to begin the research and analytics portion of the SEO auditing process, the following free website SEO tools should be considered. Here are the top 5 SEO tools that not only make the research and analytics process smoother, but also will help to educate online marketing owners to better understand their business.
1. Wordtracker
2. Woorank
3. Google Keywords Tools
4. Yahoo Directory
5. Google Analytics
The 5 tools listed above with help with researching of relevant key terms, understanding your current SEO benchmark, developing a strategy around new key terms that will help generate increased traffic and new niche markets, how strong you online business currently is with anchor links, and daily evaluations of traffic highs and lows.
An organic SEO service provider will also be able to help with your overall SEO auditing efforts as well. Typically, you will get a marketing plan sample for online business when you partner with such a vendor. However, many of the SEO auditing can be done in-house. As most often, by changing title tags, Meta descriptions, Meta keywords and onsite content is enough to make an impact of altering the way Google currently crawls your site.
The first thing to consider is to evaluate your current tags which include your title. The title of your web page will help Google identify who and what your site is relevant for. It is very important to keep this title fresh, relevant and specific to what you want to tell the potential

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Next is the description, which is really the first opportunity to “sell” your services. Keep your description keyword focused but also remember that consumers will want to read this section and decide if they click into your site from Google.
Lastly, evaluate your onsite content to ensure consistency between all three dynamics. For Google to best understand what your site is about, it will look for all three elements and determine if indeed the exact keyword match or phrase exists in each.
So before spending money on external SEO PPC and offsite SEO initiatives, clean up your onsite tags to ensure proper and relevant content, to which Google is searching for.

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