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Domain names are the first important step in getting your website off to a good start. Here are a couple of strategies to choosing a domain name:

Domain Name Tipse:

Choose a domain name based on your desired business name or services offered: Its sounds simple, but there’s a good chance your first choice may already be taken. If your business’s name is rather common, or it uses initials, you may have to consider a second choice. Search engines pick up on the domain name itself when it comes to ranking keywords so perhaps you should choose a name relating to your product or desired keyword result.

Choose something you can tell someone over the telephone:

Most of our clients use their web site as a brochure or a portfolio. It is important to be able to tell someone over the phone or in conversation the name of of your website with having to always write it down. Make it memorable, sometimes that’s more handy than any bookmark. Its also important not to have words run together giving unintentional results. Do a Google search for “bad domain names” for some rather hilarious examples.

Consider the branding:

Make your domain name unique. Even though your desired name may already be taken, consider some of the largest and most popular websites in the world have rather strange domain names that have very little to do with their business IE. google.com, ebay.com, amazon.com. If they didn’t consider a little creative marketing, perhaps thses sites would be known as greatsearchengine.com, auctions.com and buybooksandeverythingelseyoucanpossiblythinkof.com, and perhaps would not have the household name recognition they have today.

You can have more than one domain name:

Choosing one domain name is important but you can always have more than one. You can these all point to the same web sites or have them for different purposes like email or special sites. We can also have domain names point to certain pages in your main website.
Many websites have different domain extensions (.com, .net, .biz) and perhaps it might be a good idea to secure those in case you may want them in the future. Also, common misspellings or plural connotations get misinterpreted. Consider alternates for marketing, securing your brand name, and even in order to give shorter names for easy remembering for new visitors. For instance, websitedevelopmentco.com is some what long, so we simply tell people to go to webco.info.

Domain Name Registration and Administration:

We offer domain name registration services. Many clients would have us be the administrator of their domains for privacy and security. We have seen all type of scams and we never allow unauthorized transfers. It is our policy, if we are your domain administrator, to automatically renew your domain for one year if we are unable to get in touch with you about your renewal options. We always comply with any requests to change registrars or take off our contact information from your WHOIS record.

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